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Financial aid Policy

Monticello Soccer Club strives to provide an affordable and competitive youth soccer program for all participants. Financial aid is available for those that may be prevented from participation due to income or special needs limitations. There is a finite amount of aid available each year, based on what the annual budget allows.

Financial aid applications should be made at the time of tryout registration. Applications will be reviewed and financial aid amount will be determined in August for the upcoming seasons. Applications received after the tryout registration deadline will be reviewed as they are received and grants will be made only if money is still available for the year. Application for aid does not guarantee a grant will be made.

Need is determined by income level, family size, and extenuating circumstances. Aid will be awarded in the following increments: 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%. 100% aid will rarely be granted and only in
extreme cases of need. A payment plan option is utilized where needed. All payments and payment plans for the year need to be completed by April 30th
in order for the player to participate in the summer season. If payments are not up to date or any of the requirements outlined in this document are
not met, MSC may terminate ties with player at any time during the year.
Aid will cover a percentage of MSC club fees and winter training fees.
Aid does not cover and all players are expected to pay for the following:
  Required uniform package
     Coaching Fees
     Tournament Fees
  Tournament travel related costs for player and coach (transportation, hotel, and meals)
  Any ancillary team funding
  Any optional special order items like warm-ups, backpacks, etc
Families who do not fulfill their payment plan agreement will not be eligible for aid in subsequent years.

MSC will maintain application information in the strictest confidence. Committee review will be done based on needed information only. Applications will be kept on file for audit records. Information will only be shared with the selection committee, no other individuals will have access to information. 



Please direct questions to:

Brian Anderson