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2019 Competitive Volunteer Fee Claim form



Welcome to the NEW Volunteer Reimbursement Claim form.

The Monticello Soccer Club would like to thank you for volunteering your time to make soccer the best experience possible for our kids. Without volunteers like yourself we would not be able to offer the programs we do to our young soccer players.

Starting today this form is the ONLY way that volunteer reimbursements will be made. No emails, conversations at the water cooler etc will be accepted. You must complete this form to receive your volunteer fee reimbursement.

Volunteer fees are paid out once twice per year, so once you complete and submit your claim you will be paid in the next scheduled processing of volunteer fees.

This form is to be used for the following types of volunteer reimbursements:

Volunteer coach's
Volunteer Assistant Coach's
Team Managers
Team Webmasters
All misc. Volunteer hours
Winter Team Training
New Player referrals

We encourage you to save up your volunteer time until you have completed the 6 hours you need to have to claim your full refund, however, you can send in multiple claims if you choose(maximum 2 days per volunteer claim form). Coach's, Assistant Coach's, Team Managers and Team Webmasters you can not claim your refund until the season has been closed out. Claim forms for these positions will not be processed if received prior to the end of the season.

If you have any questions please reach out to the volunteer coordinator at the email below.

Again thanks for giving your time to a very worthy cause.



Please direct questions to: