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Winter Rec. Team Registration



Welcome to the team registration for Winter Rec. Please only fill out this registration if you have a full team of players interested in playing together. If you are an individual looking for a team please fill out the individual registration found here. Each team must also have a parent who has volunteered to serve as the team leader. These team leaders are not coaches and no coaching knowledge is needed. Teams will not be accepted if they do not list an adult team leader!




About Winter Rec.

Winter rec. will be a 3 v 3 league with teams of 6 players. Teams will play once a week for 6 weeks. There will be no practices, only games. During each 20 minute half, teams will "sub on the fly" during this fast paced game. The games will be lead by the players with an adult team leader on the sidelines to help ensure equal playing time when substituting  players, and that all players display good sportsmanship throughout. These team leaders are not coaches and not coaching is needed. We must have one parent volunteer to lead each team of 6!


Location: Great River SC Indoor Facility, 101 Chelsea Road, Monticello


Day's and Times: 

  • U7/8 Boys - 5:30 Monday's
  • U7/8 Girls - 5:30 Tuesday's
  • U9/10 Boys - 6:30 Monday's
  • U9/10 Girls - 6:30 Tuesday's


Start date: November 15th


End date: December 21st


Winter rec. will allow both individual and team registrations, so gather 5 friends and form a team. Note: For team registrations, one individual will register the full team then each player will complete an individual registration to submit contact info and pay for play. 


Due to space and time availability constraints each age/gender group is restricted to 6 teams or 36 total players. Be sure to register ASAP to ensure your team gets in!


Please direct questions to:

Todd Elfstrom


Phone: 7632956030